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Zoomer (BS 008)

Disharmony strikes back with their second album „Zoomer“, which is the follow up to „Moonflower“. Complexity, atmosphere, rapidly changing mid-tempo beats and agressive vocals  are the main elements of their sound. But also danceable killer tracks like “Angels”, which reminds to Mortal Constraint, are to find on a very intense album. The highlight of the whole album is the fascination “Zoomer (Sauron)”, which starts like a sleeping beast and develops to a great Dark Techno-hymn. A lot of instrumental passages are used to present a dark, brilliantly arranged album, which is miles away from the usual Electro stuff offered today. Cold Meat Industry meets Dark Techno ! 



Previous Releases:


CD Moonflower 2002 Broken Seal




CD Zilloscope 2002 Zillo

DCD Dark Awakening 3 2003 DCD C.O.P. Intl.

CD Overflow CD 2003 Polymorph

DCD Interbreeding III DCD 2004 BLC Prod.



EUR 12,90 + postage



01 Enemy in the gates

02 Zoomer

03 Angels (Darkness)

04 Dark Rivers (Oxyd)

05 Zoomer (Disturbing)

06 Forgotten Reverse

07 Zoomer (Delusion)

08 Secondary Vision

09 Zoomer (Samhain)

10 Deeper (Last execution)

11 Zoomer (Conrad Hook)

12 Secondary Vision (Solaris)

13 Shaman (Abort)

14 Zoomer (Sauron)

15 Towers


Genre: Electro/Dark Techno


Format: CD / 74 min playtime / 15 tracks


Release-Date: April, 30 - 2004


Distribution: Nova Media