Terminal State - Unline Codes CD BS 004

Terminal State: Conrad Hook, Bin@ary Runner state: Slovakia

Broken Seal is proud to present Terminal State, the newcomer act of the year 2000. The band from Slovakia has the potential to follow in the footsteps of bands like Frontline Assembly and greatly exceed the musical potential of their countrymen KIFOTH.

Atmospheric, gloomy Sci-Fi themes are balanced with agressive, uncommonly powerful passages and make the album to an everchanging hearing pleasure. Descriptions never really do justice to the music, but their importance for retailers and consumers is clear. So if one must, Terminal State could be described as a hybrid of Skinny Puppy / Frontline Assembly on the one hand and Funker Vogt on the other. The distorted male vocal refrains are reminicent of the style of Bill Leeb, alias Frontline Assembly, or of "Worlock" from Skinny Puppy. "X-Riders" and "Swift for the dark" should prove to be club hits, even though they are almost ballad-like, compared with the rest of the material. The epic "Under control" is enough to cause goose bumbs and should trigger a long-lasting fascination.

Tracklist "Unline Codes": playlenght: 56 min

01 Lucifer

02 X-Riders

03 Alien world

04 Under control

05 Reset your mind (suborbital mix)

06 Land

07 Swift for the dark

08 Empty life

09 Mission

10 Toxicity

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